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About Us

We have the honor that Al Kenana Co. has proved throughout 25 years that it becomes one the most famous companies in the field of kitchen and laundry equipment installation projects in Egypt.

Alkenana was established in January 1994 and all employer technicians joined in our team are highly skilled persons as they were working in the Hotel field.

Turnkey Alkenana had executed so many project in Egypt and also in several countries worldwide (Please see our list of references)

Our work is equipment importation, manufacturing of custom built equipment and also executing finishing work of the kitchen and laundry, plus electro mechanical work. Our installation includes:-

  1. Equipment ( Hot kitchen – Cold kitchen- Bucher, poultry and fish preparation- Bakery and pastry – refrigeration of walk in cooler and freezer using combined rack refrigeration system – ware wash area- different kitchen transportation trollies and store shelving.)
  2. Executing electro mechanical work ( hot and cold water – drainage – floor troughs – electric cables – electric distribution- boards – chilled water network – ventilation system for kitchen hoods – fire alarm and firefighting)
  3. Executing finishing work ( floor files- wall tiles- false ceiling- lighting- wall bumpers- corner guards – wall flashing)
  4. Our work also includes design and furnishing kitchen and laundry equipment and its related electro mechanical utilities.

Al kenana's factory is located in Abo Rawash industrial zone - Giza.

An experience in excellence.

About Us

We have the honor that AlKenana Co. has proved through of in the field of Hotels, Touristic Resorts to be one of the well-known Contracting & Consulting companies in Egypt.


14 Nasr Road Rabea Al Adawia
Nasr City Cairo
Phone: 24054356 / 24054388 / 01005480027
Fax: 24054388
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